Grand Cultivator Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer A Conversion of spent wash into Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer

  • Distillery spent wash is the unwanted residual liquid waste generated during alcohol production and pollution caused by it is one of the most critical environmental issue.
  • Distillery spent wash is one of the 17 most high strength wastewater streams which are described by the Central Pollution Control Board as it is harmful to environment ,crop growth and soil.
  • The ever increasing generation of distillery spent wash on the one hand and stringent legislative regulations of its disposal on the other has stimulated the need for developing new technologies to process this effuent, effciently and economically.
  • It requires careful handling and proper disposal to avoid damage to the environment.
  • The adverse effect of spent wash disposal, via bio-composting is magnified during the rainy season.
  • We at Khandoba Distilleries have developed a process to convert those spent wash into farmer friendly Organic Fertilizer by our innovative, tested, environmental friendly and most economical Organic product, Grand Cultivator.
  • The Grand Cultivator is one of the great Bio Organic Liquid Fertilizer, specially designed and developed for the purpose which neutralizes the harmful effuent, plays a greater role in organic farming as a catalyst to reduce the toxic metal contents in crops.
  • The Grand Cultivator is 100% completely organic product, without any chemicals and scientifically developed after years of studies and field trial. It developed by using multiple types of naturally grown specified wild plant leaves, specified types of some vegetables, fruits, pulses, spices, common salt, Biomethanated spent wash and Bio-culture.
  • Grand Cultivator is eco-friendly, preserves environment and local farming system, reduces use of pesticides and do not pollutes.
  • Grand Cultivator improves nutrient rich yield and enrich agricultural productivity while maintaining the soil health.
  • Grand Cultivator remarkably reduces the Heavy Metal contents and the studies show the reduction of Arsenic and other heavy metal contents in the crop yield after using Grand Cultivator Bio organic liquid fertilizer.
  • Grand Cultivator Studies also show reduction in pesticide contents in the crop yield after using Grand Cultivator Bio organic liquid fertilizer. The laboratory tests of crop yield carried out confirmed the drastic reduction of 127 pesticide residue levels.
  • Grand Cultivator does not contain any substances that need to control limit values of occupational exposure.


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