We “Avimo Lifestyle” is founded in 2018 and are a leading company in this sector devoted to developing and trading the finest selection of goods. We sell men’s, women’s and children’s wear, fabrics, tailor-made trousers, shirts and lehengas in this quality-approved product line. For their fine finishing, high convenience, skin-friendliness and stylish looks, our items are massively appreciated. Our experts make use of quality controlled material to produce the goods provided as per the prevalent design trends. The large distribution network and well-transportation facility are used by logistical support, which means that these goods are shipped to our consumers in a timely manner, thereby acquiring a big customer base on the industry.

The transformation of fiber into wool, which is then developed into fabrics and textiles, includes the global garment manufacturing industry. Textiles are used for weaving, finishing and coating cotton to produce garments and to make other items including mirrors and walls, such as mattresses, carpets, curtains and fiberglass. To meet the multi-faceted market for clothing, manufacturers and suppliers of textile products are diversifying. With separate demands for men’s, women’s apparel, children’s wear and athletic wear, apparel is progressively tailored. Although the majority of textile manufacturing has historically included hand-made processes, a growing degree of automation and technical advancement has contributed to higher textile productivity and higher production rates.

While most textile manufacturing has historically involved hand-made processes, higher textile productivity and higher production rates have led to an increasing degree of automation and technological development. For several LDCs in Africa as well as Asia, clothing exports are important. The export reliance on clothing in some countries is up to 80%, such as in Cambodia or Lesotho, for example. It is a major contributor to mitigating poverty through the production of jobs.


Our Activities

Distributor, Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier

Business Regions

Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America

Major Products

Men , Women and Kids Clothes , Fabrics , customized tailor made trousers, shirts and lehengas, etc


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